Are you up for the challenge? Let the game be your guide!

Looking for things to do in Bend, Carlsbad, and/or Big Bear? Explore the town’s history and discover local favorite spots with Riddle Routes. Earn as many points as you can and check your team’s ranking on the leaderboard at the end.

Q. Is Riddle Routes right for me?

A. If you enjoy escape rooms, trivia nights, Amazing Race, scavenger hunts, board games, walking tours, or just getting outside- you’ll love Riddle Routes! Why not give it a try?!

Q. Who can play Riddle Routes?

A. Riddle Routes are great for anyone who can walk, or roll, about 2 miles. Ages 8-80 enjoy solving the riddles. Fun for locals and tourists alike! It’s great for team building, family bonding or couple’s outings. We recommend team sizes between 2-5 people. Split into smaller teams for some friendly competition! Note for younger players: Some riddles refer to local beer/wine spots.

Q. When can we play?

A. Play anytime! We recommend daylight hours, while businesses are open. Purchase your hunt, go to the starting location, then start the hunt! No need to wait for a tour guide or catch a tram. Begin riddling at your convenience!

Q. What is the Cost?

A. The game is $30 for about 2 hours of brain-building, outdoor, group fun! 

Q. What do we need to play?

A. You’ll need a fully charged smart phone/tablet. Wear comfortable shoes, and be prepared for the weather. Pencil, paper and additional smartphones will come in handy for solving some riddles.  

Q. How can we see where we rank on the leaderboard?

A. Check out Riddle Routes on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to see updated leaderboards each week.   

Q. Have more questions? Want to organize a Riddle Route for a special event?

A. We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at RiddleRoutes@gmail.com