Leaderboard Downtown Bender

RankingTeamMug ShotStatusScoreTime
1VR Vixens100%58 minsUltimate Riddlers
2Birthday100%1 hr 25 MinsUltimate Riddlers
3Team Sanford100%1 hr 33 minsUltimate Riddlers
4Everyone else sucks100%3 hrs 38 minsUltimate Riddlers
5Short & Sassy Solvers95%1 hr 0 minsSuper Sleuths
6Slothy Sleuths95%2 hrs 6 minsSuper Sleuths
7The Married MacsUndercover95%2 hrs 25 minsSuper Sleuths
840 (and over) oz of Freedom95%2 hrs 54 mins
9THE LEGENDS95%4 hrs 7 minsSuper Sleuths
10Jlwierenga95%4 hrs 40 minsSuper Sleuths
11Fab 5Undercover91%1 hr 35 minsSuper Sleuths
12Lavalicious91%1 hr  39 minsSuper Sleuths
13ScottJulieSueCurt91%1 hr51 minsSuper Sleuths
14Ram RodUndercover91%2 hrs 44 minsSuper Sleuths
15AmazingRace#291%2 hr 52 minsSuper Sleuths
16Sherry OwlsUndercover91%3 hrs 40 minsSuper Sleuths
17Ready Player One91%3 hrs 59 minsSuper Sleuths
18The Red Riddlers of Doom91%9 hrs 36 minsSuper Sleuths
19Allybham86%40 mins
20The fockers86%49 minsDetectives in Training
21Year One86%1hr 35 minsDetectives in Training
22Team Turbo86%1 hr 48 minsDetectives in Training
23Jr Team86%2 hrs 0 minsDetectives in Training
24Star WarsUndercover86%2 hrs 8 minsDetectives in Training
25Game of BonesSensored86%2 hrs 17 minsDetectives in Training
26Super Seekers86%3 hrs 13 minsDetectives in Training
27Two Derps in a TurdUndercover82%2hr 12 minDetectives in Training
28PicklersUndercover82%2hr 13 minDetectives in Training
29Edwards77%1 hr 42 minsRookie Riddlers
30PhoedoUndercover77%2 hrs 6 minsRookie Riddlers
31Long John Stamos77%1 hr 59 minsRookie Riddlers
32Pugasaur77%2hr 16 minRookie Riddlers
33Team SagiUndercover77%3 hrs 7 minsRookie Riddlers
34Good ToastUndercover73%53 minsRookie Riddlers