Mill’n Around (Bend, OR Scavenger Hunt)


Distance: 2 miles Riddles: 24
Time: ≈1.5 hours (suggest daylight hours while stores are open)

How to Play: Once you purchase the hunt, we’ll give you the starting location and you can begin! Each riddle guides you along the route.

Details: You’ll be using teamwork, trivia knowledge and riddle solving skills to explore Bend’s Old Mill District. You’ll discover its intriguing history, local favorite spots and activities, unique art and beautiful river views.

What you Need:

  • Your team! We suggest teams of 2-4 people. Two heads are better than one! Too many heads and you’ll just be bumping into each other.
  • Fully charged smartphone or device with internet
  • Comfortable shoes and weather-ready gear
  • Use your resources! You can use Google, locals, tourist brochures and, of course, brainpower to solve these riddles. Pencil and paper may also come in handy.