Leaderboard Downtown Bender

TeamMug ShotStatusScoreTime
VR Vixens100%58 minsUltimate Riddlers
Mountain Viewers100%1hr 13minsUltimate Riddlers!
Birthday100%1 hr 25 MinsUltimate Riddlers
Team Sanford100%1 hr 33 minsUltimate Riddlers
Everyone else sucks100%3 hrs 38 minsUltimate Riddlers
Raudi98%1 hr 30 minsSuper Sleuths
Ride. Drink. Laugh.95%48 minsSuper Sleuths
Short & Sassy Solvers95%1 hr 0 minsSuper Sleuths
Jolly Green Giants95%1 hr 5 minsSuper Sleuths
WilsonWayUndercover95%1hr 19minsSuper Sleuths
April Babies95%1hr 35minsSuper Sleuths
COCC Student Life95%1 hr 57 minsSuper Sleuths
Tna95%1hr 59minsSuper Sleuths
Nopales95%2 hrs 4 minsSuper Sleuths
Slothy Sleuths95%2 hrs 6 minsSuper Sleuths
The Married MacsUndercover95%2 hrs 25 minsSuper Sleuths
Shitrats95%2 hrs 31 minsSuper Sleuths
40 (and over) oz of Freedom95%2 hrs 54 minsSuper Sleuths
THE LEGENDS95%4 hrs 7 minsSuper Sleuths
Jlwierenga95%4 hrs 40 minsSuper Sleuths
#butthurtUndercover91%57 minsSuper Sleuths
Lava butts91%1 hrs 4 minsSuper Sleuths
Congenial Cobras91%1hr 5minsSuper Sleuths
Sunny acres Squad91%1 hr 6 minsSuper Sleuths
Soup Du JourUndercover91%1hr 8minsSuper Sleuths
Noodles!Undercover91%1 hr 14 minsSuper Sleuths
Hamburglers91%1 hr 20 minsSuper Sleuths
La Blisslama91%1 hr 24 minsSuper Sleuths
Team Space Travel91%1 hr 28 minsSuper Sleuths
Anam caraUndercover91%1 hr 29 m insSuper Sleuths
BaewayUndercover91%1 hr 29 minsSuper Sleuths
Fab 5Undercover91%1 hr 35 minsSuper Sleuths
Lavalicious91%1 hr  39 minsSuper Sleuths
MJ3Undercover91%1hr 43minsSuper Sleuths
Sasquatch Girl and Her Detective GangUndercover91%1 hr 48 minsSuper Sleuths
ScottJulieSueCurt91%1 hr51 minsSuper Sleuths
The RichardsonsUndercover91%1 hr 55 minsSuper Sleuths
TrevynTiffanyUndercover91%2 hrsSuper Sleuths
Sharp Shooters91%2 hrs 13 minsSuper Sleuths
Four Stooges
91%2hrs 15minsSuper Sleuths
Mediocre Midgets91%2hrs 33minsSuper Sleuths
Ram RodUndercover91%2 hrs 44 minsSuper Sleuths
AmazingRace#291%2 hr 52 minsSuper Sleuths
Walla Walla wanderers91%3 hrs 21 minsSuper Sleuths
Sherry OwlsUndercover91%3 hrs 40 minsSuper Sleuths
Ready Player One91%3 hrs 59 minsSuper Sleuths
The Red Riddlers of Doom91%9 hrs 36 minsSuper Sleuths
Allybham86%40 minsDetectives in Training
The fockers86%49 minsDetectives in Training
BnbUndercover86%50 minsDetectives in Training
Healthy Hawks86%1hr 1minsDetectives in Training
Race Ipsa LocatorUndercover86%1 hr 7 minsDetectives in Training
Deez nuts86%1 hr 8 minsDetectives in Training
Lynam-up!Undercover86%1hr 13minsDetectives in Training
The Ramberg'sUndercover86%1hr 17minsDetectives in Training
Holtby86%1hr 18minsDetectives in Training
Rogue Warriors86%1hr 23minsDetectives in Training
Suz Cruz86%1hr 29minsDetectives in Training
Bojangles 2.0Undercover86%1 hr 29 minsDetectives in Training
The Unicorns! ❤️Undercover86%1 hr 30 minsDetectives in Training
GenMix86%1 hr 32 minsDetectives in Training
Year One86%1hr 35 minsDetectives in Training
Titus Doggo Crew86%1 hr 36 minsDetectives in Training
HELP86%1 hr 42 minsDetectives in Training
PhreakingPhantastic86%1 hr 45 minsDetectives in Training
Team Turbo86%1 hr 48 minsDetectives in Training
Team 14Undercover86%1 hr 51 minsDetectives in Tranining
The FairsUndercover86%1 hr 59 minsDetectives in Training
Jr Team86%2 hrs 0 minsDetectives in Training
Loading...Super monster kids86%2hrs 2 minsDetective in Training
Star WarsUndercover86%2 hrs 8 minsDetectives in Training
Brewery Bandits86%2 hrs 9 minsDetectives in Training
Game of BonesCensored86%2 hrs 17 minsDetectives in Training
LardarsUndercover86% 2 hrs 47 minsDetectives in Training
Super Seekers86%3 hrs 13 minsDetectives in Training
Team LenahanUndercover86%3hrs 33minsDetectives in Training
FSU82%1 hr 23 minsDetectives in Training
Hartless81%1hr 32minsDetectives in Training
Army squirrel on the hunt82%1 hr 37 minsDetectives in Training
Baby Shark82%1hr 39minsDetectives in Training
FisticatedUndercover82%1 hr 44 minsDetectives in Training
WrightOn82%1 hr 44 miinsDetectives in Training
Alby's ArmyUndercover82%1 hr 45 minsDetectives in Training
S&SUndercover82%1 hr 51 minsDetectives in Training
Sckooum82%1 hr 51 minsDetectives in Training
Starz202582%1 hr 59 minsDetectives in Training
Nealy/Farley82%2 hr 9 minsDetectives in Training
Two Derps in a TurdUndercover82%2hr 12 minDetectives in Training
PicklersUndercover82%2hr 13 minDetectives in Training
AthenaUndercover82%2 hrs 17 minsDetectives in Training
Mann82%2 hrs 42 minsDetectives in Training
Sound counsel sound business77%1 hr Rookie Riddlers
Social SquirrelsUndercover77%1hr 4minsRookie Riddlers
Edwards77%1 hr 42 minsRookie Riddlers
The Wolfpack77%1 hr 44 minsRookie Riddlers
BAMM77%1hr 48minsRookie Riddlers
The rockin socks77%1 hr 55 minsRookie Riddlers
Long John Stamos77%1 hr 59 minsRookie Riddlers
PhoedoUndercover77%2 hrs 6 minsRookie Riddlers
Bardslayers77%2 hrs 6 minsRookie Riddlers
Pugasaur77%2hr 16 minRookie Riddlers
Team SagiUndercover77%3 hrs 7 minsRookie Riddlers
mikepennycurtjody77%3 hrs 8 minsRookie Riddlers
Smart Sheep
68% +Bonus50minsRookie Riddlers
The unbeatable onyxesUndercover73%46minsRookie Riddlers
Good ToastUndercover73%53 minsRookie Riddlers
Honeymooners73%1 hr 30 minsRookie Riddlers
BagelUndercover73%1 hr 44 minsRookie Riddlers
The Looshy'sUndercover73%1hr 54minsRookie Riddlers
Hot B#%@s and Rick73%2 hrs 18 minsRookie Riddlers
The Kembles73%2hrs 39minsRookie Riddlers
Bay Area Beasts73%2hrs 50minsRookie Riddlers
Crows feet68%1hr 10minsDetective Dreamers
Only 7 want to do thisUndercover68%1 hr 11 minsDetective Dreamers
Mork Mania!Undercover68%1 hr 26 minsDetective Dreamers
Team Ginger68%2hrs 10 minsDetective Dreamers
Dynamo duo68%2hrs 32minsDetective Dreamers
Team Parker64%2 hrs 36 minsDetective Dreamers
the sunsUndercover59%1 hr 26 minsDetective Dreamers
AVENGERSUndercover59%3 hrs 28 minsDetective Dreamers
High Desert ScavengersUndercover57%1 hr 32 minsDetective Dreamers
James$&KC55%2hrs 36minsDetective Dreamers
Mellow MarshesUndercover55%3 hrs 29 minsDetective Dreamers
NWA41%31 minsDetective Dreamers
P and eUndercover41%1 hr 40 minsDetective Dreamers