Leaderboard Mill’n Around

RankingTeamMug ShotStatusScoreTime
1SlbnmeUltimate Riddlers100% 1 hr 27 mins
2Team4Super Sleuths96%51 mins
3Coco le ConciergeSuper Sleuths96%58 mins
4The Roaming HomeSuper Sleuths96%1 hr 5 mins
5Team TeaguesSuper Sleuths96%1 hr 15 mins
6Simpson GirlsSuper Sleuths96% 1 hr 26 mins
7PicklersSuper Sleuths96%1 hr 38 mins
8Between a walk and a hard placeSuper Sleuths96%1 hr 51 mins
9ImagineflowersSuper Sleuths96%1 hr 57 mins
10CoatsOhFordUndercoverSuper Sleuths96%2 hrs 31 mins
11Inquisitive VagabondsSuper Sleuths91% + Bonus1hr 50mins
12TNASuper Sleuths91%1hr 7mins
13Enter the DragonSuper Sleuths91%1 hr 11 mins
14Brobeck\\\'sSuper Sleuths91%1 hr 17 mins
15Dream Team_787Super Sleuths91%1 hr 28 mins
16DadtectivesSuper Sleuths91%1 hr 38 mins
17Awesome sauceUndercoverSuper Sleuths91%1 hr 40 mins
18Pjamz5Super Sleuths91%1 hr 56 mins
19Team BensonSuper Sleuths91%2 hr 21 mins
20@#$%&!uaryUndercover Detectives in Training87%48 mins
21Sticky BanditsDetectives in Training87%52 minutes
22Poop mongrelDetectives in Training87%1 hr 11 mins
23sobsDetectives in Training 87%I hr 16 mins
24The Boise PineapplesDetectives in Training87%1 hr 21 mins
25Team HarkinsUndercoverDetectives in Training 87%1 hr 56 mins
26AndromedousDetectives in Training87%2 hr 25 mins
27The Whispering EyesUndercoverDetectives in Training83%45 mins
28Carol Bernick - the winnersUndercoverDetectives in Training 83%1 hr 23 mins
29Lilly LittleDetectives in Training83%1 hr 25 mins
30The DubsDetectives in Training83%1 hr 28 mins
31The James GangDetectives in Training 83%1 hr 31 mins
325C\\\'sDetectives in Training 83%1 hr 56 mins
33Team WeinerdogsDetectives in Training 83%2 hr 12 mins
34ScproductionsRookie Riddlers78%48 mins
35Unicorn ZestRookie Riddlers78%1 hr 9 mins
36TravsRookie Riddlers78%1 hr 14 mins
37OddishesRookie Riddlers74%50 mins
38GaryRichardUndercoverRookie Riddlers70%1hr 20mins
393krazybirds undercover Rookie Riddlers70%2hrs 9 mins