A Riddle Route is a phone guided city walk in the form of a trivia & scavenger hunt style game. Solving the clues guides your team through the sights, history & fun things to do in our awesome locations across SoCal and Central Oregon. We’re open 24/7, so check out How to Play, and be on your way!

How To Play

No need to to wait for a reservation. Our games are ready to play at your convenience!

  1. Choose a route to purchase/redeem (1 route per team).
  2. From the phone your team will play on, download the doc containing the starting location, route tips & game link.
  3.  Head to the starting location with your team.
  4. Answer riddles & trivia based on local sites as you’re guided through the city walk, and back to the starting location.
  5. Check back on Team Photos to see your Riddler Status!

Check out our FAQs Page for more information.


Whether visiting for a day or a whole week, Riddle Routes is a great way to explore some of the most popular spots during your vacation. For more than three years, Riddle Routes has taken visitors through cities, discovery historical landmarks, hidden gems, local hot spots, and much more. Explore cities during our roughly two-hour routes and learn fun and interesting facts about places such as Bend, Carlsbad, San Diego, and Palm Springs.

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Play one of our engaging, innovative, and interactive routes for your next team building activity! During your Riddle Routes' team building experience, team members from your group work together in order to complete a variety of trivia style scavenger hunt clues in order to unlock their next destination. Ultimately, it has been proven that team building experiences boost the spirit of a workplace, increase performance and improve productivity levels. 

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Looking to plan an activity for your family? Look no further than Riddle Routes! Each route is geared toward players of all ages and provides an interactive platform that participants from eight to eighty can enjoy. Visit historical sites, find hidden passages, and earn rewards to local restaurants as your family makes their way throughout the city. Each game can be paused and resumed at any time, in case the young or old alike need a break.

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